What do you Provide?

Ace Signals is a provider of algorithmic (robotic) as well as human signals. These can be used by traders who trade Binary Options and Forex. Active Ace Signal subscribers can then join particular signal streams that are best suited to their individual preferences.

Will it work for me?

Ace signals provides signals based on both FX and Binary Options. On the main dashboard, signals are provided for Binary Option traders. Forex traders can also use these signals assuming that they are using a scalping strategy.

What are the Automated Signals?

The automated signals are generated by a computer algorithm that is programmed to send signals. The algorithm uses hundreds of inputs from key technical indicators to economic data points. The algorithm generates between 20 to 30 signals per day. These signals have a very high historical win rate.

What are the Human Generated Signals?

These are professional traders who provide signals to subscribers on the Ace platform. These traders are screened prior to working on the Ace platform. Given that these traders make signal decisions on a case by case basis, their win rates tend to be higher than those of the robots. You can subscribe to as many of these traders as you like to confirm your view about where the market is going. We also continually monitor the performance of the signals that they generate. If they fall below 60% they are removed from the platform.

Can I improve my returns with Ace?

Your returns are linked to the win rate that you are getting on your trades. Assuming that you are trading on the signals that are generated by Ace signals then your trading success is likely to increase. A 65% win rate over the long term is the minimum win rate that you can expect on the Ace platform. This win rate is consistent with impressive monthly returns.

Do you have auto-trading on the signals?

Yes, we have now introduced automated trading on with our binary.com integration. If the trader has an account with Binary.com, they can use the automated trading robot.

What is the Ace Hybrid?

This is a service whereby a trader with a Binary.com account can get signals sent directly to their trading platform. The Ace hybrid has two modes, automatic and semi automatic. In the semi-automatic mode, once a trade indicator is posted, a trade button appears. This instructs the platform to make the trade once the desired level is reached. In the fully automatic mode, the trades are made automatically on behalf of the trader.

Why do I need a VPS for Auto trading?

In order to make the most of Ace Signals, you need 100% execution capability. In order to achieve this, you require the computing and network power of a Virtual Private Server. This VPS will be directly linked up to the API at your broker of choice and send the signals directly within milliseconds. This also ensures that Ace Signals is in compliance with regulations which prohibit executing orders for the client.

How do I pay for the Ace Signals?

Payments are made on a monthly basis via PayPal. If you subscribe to more signal streams then your monthly subscription amount increases. This will continue until such a time as you decide to cancel the subscription.

Do I get a free trial?

If you create an account with one of our partner brokers then you will recieve one month of Ace Signals for free. In order to claim this one month free trial, you are required to sign up via the links on the Ace signals website.

Are there any refunds?

There are no refunds for Ace Signal services. You can choose to terminate your subscription to signal hive at any time though.

Are there risks involved?

Trading always involves risk. While Ace Signals tries to provide the best signals on the market, losses can occur. By signing up to recieve Ace Signals, you understand that trading Binary Options and Forex involves risk and Ace Signals cannot be held liable for account losses. This is laid out in our terms and conditions here